Rahway COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Strategy



Governor Murphy announced that eateries in the state will be allowed to offer outdoor dining starting June 15, 2020 as the state enters the second stage of reopening. Restaurants must abide by the Outdoor Dining Protocols and Process to Expand Premises for Liquor License Holders outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order 150 and New Jersey Department of Health Executive Directive 20-04.

Special Permit Applications for Outdoor Dining and Retail

As part of an effort to support the local economy, the city of Rahway has determined some local restaurants and or retailers may be able to temporarily establish outdoor seating for their establishments, on a case-by-case, limited basis, to expand the areas for outdoor operations. The temporary use permit is only for establishments with an active mercantile license from the city of Rahway. The temporary use permit is only valid during normal business hours.

There is no fee for a temporary use permit for qualifying businesses.

Temporary use permits shall be restricted to normally permitted current zoning activity and shall be related to the principal commercial activities in operation on the subjext property. Temporary use permits shall not be issued to occupy unimproved properties or areas identified as open space, preserve, drainage or detention areas, or landscape buffers. Safe ingress and egress shall be provided to the site, including emergency access measures at all times. If the applicant does not own the area, a letter from the property owner granting permission to utilize the subject area identified within the temporary use permit, during the requested time period, shall be provided by the applicant.

Outdoor Retail Sales Permit

Outdoor Dining Usage Permit