Rahway CARES Act II

Building on the success of Rahway CARES Act I, where $250,000 in forgivable loans were provided to Rahway’s small businesses, the City of Rahway and the Rahway Arts and Business Partnership have joined forces again to help small businesses  located in the City of Rahway during the economic downturn.

Mayor Giacobbe created the City of Rahway CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, along with the Rahway City Council, Rahway Arts and Business Partnership, and the Union County Economic Development Corporation. The maximum award for the CARES Act II is $4,000. 

Eligible businesses must be a brick and mortar located in the City of Rahway, with 20 or fewer full-time employees and be in business for at least one full year. Companies can use the grants for a range of recovery activities, including help with past business expenses, outdoor heaters outdoor enclosures, personal protective equipment (PPE), construction for COVID19 related improvements, tech grant and food delivery service. National franchises, non-profit organizations, medical, and legal businesses are ineligible.

The program is administered for the City of Rahway by the Union County Economic Development Corporation, and Special Improvement District (SID) assessment provides funds for the program. Assistance is available in the form of a grant. For questions, please email rahwaybusinessdistrict@gmail.com.