New Police Pilot Program

A new police pilot program in coming to Union County and Rahway Police Director, Jonathan Parham, was essential in its creation. This web based software works as a video management program for police departments and allows for the analyzing of critical incidents that occur within police work and effectively managing situations with potential for conflict and to ensure better outcomes.

The software captures the results of the supervisory review of body-worn camera video footage.  This is how it works; the police supervisor reviews the bodycam video, compares the officer’s performance to agency training and best practices, and records that information into the database.  Supervisors are then required to take an action based upon how well the officer’s performance matches the agency’s expectations.  The follow-up action taken by the supervisor can range from a commendation, all the way up to a notification to internal affairs.  The goal of the software is to identify trends in officer performance. If negative performance trends exist, the agency is required to review its’ policies, procedures, training, and the manner in which its’ supervisors counsel and coach officers to determine where organizational gaps exist and to ensure everything is being done to support the performance the agency is expecting.

The software has been nationally recognized and awarded a 1st place matching grant to roll out the program to Union County Agencies.

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