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Pothole Hotline

To report potholes, please call 732-827-2061
When reporting a pothole, please leave a detailed description of the location (Nearest address, cross street, etc.)

Rahway Hazard Mitigation Plan Annual Progress Report

2013 Annual HMP Progress Report

Flood Insurance Information

The City of Rahway has many flood prone areas and your property may be susceptible to flooding. Stay informed of the presence of flood hazards and take action to protect persons and property.

View FEMA Flood Maps available in Google Earth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:        My sidewalk appears to be lifted by tree roots.  How can I get it replaced?
The Rahway Department of Public Works will have the sidewalk in front of your home evaluated. If the sidewalk has been determined to have been damaged by a city tree your address will be placed on a list to be repaired.

Please note: Chapter 365 of the Code of the City of Rahway mandates that the property owner is responsible for the repair of sidewalks. However, the Department of Public Works does try to repair sidewalks that have been damaged by city trees and are raised at least 1 ½ inches. Residents are asked to be patient, as the number of requests to have sidewalks repaired is quite substantial and may take quite some time to complete. The city is not required to make these repairs.

Q:        My basement and/or first floor drains are overflowing, especially after a heavy rain.  What’s wrong?
Since Rahway is an older community, many of its sewers are combined; i.e., they handle both storm water and sanitary waste from homes and businesses.  During heavy rains, the old sewer mains cannot handle the increased flow of rainwater and sanitary waste.  Property owners can help by disconnecting downspouts from sanitary lines, but sometimes, the lateral and/or sewer main become clogged with debris.  The city is not permitted on private property to clear private sewer laterals.  You may call the DPW to inspect the mains in front of your property and clean them if necessary.  Maintenance of sewer laterals is the responsibility of property owners and not the city.

If you are having a sewer emergency, you may call the DPW directly at (732) 827-2060 during business hours. Outside of business hours, please call the Rahway Police Department at (732) 827-2200.

Q:        During heavy snowfalls, city plows push snow into my freshly-cleaned driveway apron.  How can I prevent this?
A:        It is the responsibility of the city, county and state to clear streets for vehicles during and after snowstorms.  Unfortunately, large quantities of snow in the street often end up in driveway aprons.  Property owners are advised to shovel driveway aprons after plows are finished cleaning the street.  If you must shovel, place the snow “downstream” of your driveway so the plow cannot push it back into your driveway apron.  Property owners should also remove their vehicles before a significant snowfall if they are located along snow emergency routes in Rahway or they will be ticketed and/or towed.

Q:        How do I report a pothole?
A:        Please call the DPW at (732) 827-2060 to report a pothole on a city street.  They are usually patched within 72 hours.

Q:       When will the city pick up my leaves?
A:        Leaf season usually begins in early November and runs through late December.  DPW crews will make a minimum of two passes on every street to collect leaves during those weeks.  Leaves should be placed in piles along the curb or placed in biodegradable paper leaf bags available at most hardware stores. Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected.  Because of new statewide regulations from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, leaves and other yard waste cannot be placed in the roadway more than (7) seven days prior to the scheduled collection dates or closer than (10) ten feet from any storm drain inlet.  Please call the city’s leaf hotline at (732) 827-2063 during leaf collection season to learn where DPW crews will be working that day.

Q:        Will the city repave my street?
Street resurfacings and reconstructions are performed on an annual basis by private contractors and not the DPW. The City Engineer recommends streets that are in the most need of resurfacing and reconstruction. The City will be resurfacing four streets in 2012.

The streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced in the fall of 2012 are:

  • Campbell Street (from W. Cherry St. to Elm Ave.)
  • W. Lake Ave. (at intersection with Pierpont St.)
  • Greslin Terr. (at intersection with Revoir Dr.)
  • River Rd. (from Church St. to Whittier St.)
  • Lower Alden Dr. (from Williams Field to Knapp Dr.)
  • Alden Dr. (250’ from Lower Alden Drive intersection)
  • Seminary Ave. (from Oliver St. to Irving St.)
  • Seminary Ave. (from St. Georges Ave. to Fernote St.)
  • Stone St. (from Richard Blvd. to Kline Pl.)
  • W. Inman Ave. (from Jaques Ave. to St. Georges Ave.)
  • Grove St. (from St. Georges Ave. to Jefferson Ave.)
  • E. Hazelwood Ave. (from Edgewood St. to RVSA driveway)
  • Church St. (from Hamilton St. to Seminary Ave.)
  • Church St. (from Seminary Ave. to W. Grand Ave.)

Preliminary work began on Stone Street in September.  Weather permitting, this project should be completed by mid-November, but please check back to this site for updates.

Parking will be restricted on the above streets during resurfacing, and motorists are asked to use extra caution when traveling through the area.

In addition to the above, approximately 53,000 linear feet of streets that were resurfaced between 2001 and 2006 will have pavement cracks sealed to prolong the life of the streets.

This project is funded by $205,000 from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund, $145,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds and $500,000 of general revenue from the City.

For additional information, call (732) 827-2183.
Updated 10/2/12

Q:        Why won’t the city remove a street tree in front of my home?  
A:        Rahway is responsible over 6,600 shade trees in our city and has the honor of being named a Tree City USA for its care and promotion of healthy trees.  These trees help contribute to the attractive character of Rahway and it is also estimated that each street tree adds $5,000 to the value of a home and keeps homes cooler in the summer. The city will remove a street tree only if it is dead or is in immediate danger to life and property.  If you would like to have a street tree placed in front of your home, please e-mail us and include your name, address and phone number so we can add you to the street tree list.

Q:        Who is responsible for the City’s water utility?
A:        The city’s water utility has been municipally-owned for over 130 years.  It is managed by Suez Water Rahway. You may reach Suez Water at (877) 303-2435.

Q:       The street light in front of my home or business is out.  What do I do?
To report a street light out in your neighborhood, you may report the outage by clicking here or calling PSE&G at (800) 436-PSEG (7734). Please have the following information available:

  • The location of the street light
  • The nearest cross street
  • The pole number (usually located on a metal strip attached to the pole)

Q:        How can I find out the base flood elevation for my property?
      To find your new advisory elevation, type in your address at FEMA’s advisory elevation website.