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Other permits and licenses are required by municipal ordinances and are obtained through the City Clerk. Below are some commonly requested forms:

Advertising Permit Application

Amusement Machine License Type C Application (Distributor-initial Application)

Amusement Machine License Type C Application (Continuing Distributor)

Amusement Machine License Type A/B Application (Operator-initial Application)

Amusement Machine License Type A Application (Continuing Operator)

Canvassing & Soliciting License Application

Charitable Solicitation License Application

Food Truck License

Massage, Bodywork & Somatic Therapy License Application

Motion Picture and Filming Permit Application

Peddler’s License Checklist & Ordinance

Pool & Billiard Room License Application

Precious Metals Dealer Application

Precious Metals Transaction Log

Residential Street Closure (Block Party) Application

Theater, Indoor Performance & Amusement License Application

Transient & Itinerant Vendor License Application

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