Controlling Mosquitoes

As summer approaches, the DEP is aware that mosquito populations may be of concern. Though there are few mosquito species found in New Jersey, NJDEP wants to be sure that any and all steps to control the Zika virus are made. To prevent the spread of this virus, the most effective form of mosquito control is through eliminating potential breeding grounds. The Rahway City Council wants to urge residents to do their part to prevent a rise in mosquito populations.  Please eliminate sources of standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on your property.   Also, appropriately treat ornamental ponds to prevent mosquito breeding.  Mosquito “dunks”, an easy to use biological larvicide (which is not hazardous to humans or other wildlife), can be used in standing water that cannot be drained and is available at most home improvement stores, or home and garden centers for about $1.00 each.  Also, empty birdbaths at least once a week.

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