Brine Program Information

RAHWAY – Mayor Steinman and the Rahway Department of Public Works are proud to announce a shared service arrangement with the Township of Kenilworth, Township of Clark and the Borough of Roselle. These communities have jointly purchased an automated salt brine production system. This system will be utilized by the respective municipal public works crews to be able to pre-treat their community’s roads this winter more efficiently.

Using this quick and efficient method of pre-treating the streets has obvious advantages for motorists and for public works snow and ice control crews who will have a more effective means to stay ahead of inclement weather. Salt brine will be sprayed on the streets a day or two before a storm is predicted. The application of salt brine prior to a snow storm will help prevent the bonding of snow and ice to the pavement.

“The application of brine to our municipal streets during the 1/24/15 snow event and the 1/27/15 snowstorm helped Rahway streets get back to normal condition much more quickly than usual. Using brine has already made a noticeable difference in our costs and operations.” According to Mr. Smalling, Public Works Director.

“Finding cost effective ways to keep our roads clear and safe while reducing the amount of salt utilized benefits everyone both environmentally and economically.” said Mayor Steinman.