Do all assessments change at the same rate?

 There are differences between individual properties and between neighborhoods.  In one area the sales may indicate a substantial increase in value in a given year.  In another neighborhood, there may be no change in value, or even a decrease in property values.  Different types of properties within the same neighborhood may also show different value changes.  There are numerous factors to be considered in each property which will cause the value of homes to differ.  Some of these factors are: location, condition, size, quality, and number of baths, basement finish, garages, and many others.

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1. What does the Tax Assessor do?
2. What does “Fair Market Value” mean?
3. Can the assessment on my property be changed even if the Assessor has not been inside my property?
4. Will I be penalized if I don’t let the Assessor in when an inspection is requested?
5. What will happen to my assessment if I improve my property?
6. How can my assessment change when I haven’t done anything to my property?
7. Do all assessments change at the same rate?
8. Who sets tax rates?
9. I disagree with my property assessment and would like to have it reviewed.
10. I agree with the land assessment but I disagree with the building assessment. Can I appeal one but not the other?
11. Can I appeal my property tax bill?
12. Can I file my tax appeal form with the Tax Assessor’s Office?
13. What is the deadline to file a tax appeal?
14. I am appealing my assessment and want to establish my case by using comparable assessments. Is this acceptable?
15. I have not applied for a certificate of occupancy but I received an assessment notice
16. I am appealing my assessment and I feel that I should not have to pay my taxes until my appeal is heard and resolved.
17. Can the Tax Assessor and I settle my appeal before the hearing?
18. How can I claim a senior citizen and/or veteran property tax reimbursement?
19. How Can I Obtain Property Record Card Information?