Will grass clippings make your lawn look bad?

No. If a lawn is properly mowed, watered, and fertilized, grass clippings can actually produce a healthier-looking lawn. It is important to cut the lawn frequently to produce small clippings that will decompose quickly. If a lawn is not cut frequently and clippings are left on the lawn, it will produce a “hay” like the look, which can be unsightly.


“Cut it and leave it” is the natural way you can have a green, healthy lawn while spending less time and money…..and think about how much waste will be diverted from the waste stream! Taxpayer dollars will be saved in the process.

Most lawnmower manufacturers have developed mulching mowers, which cut grass blades into small pieces and force them into the soil. These types of mowers are effective in grass recycling and have become very popular. Make your next mower a mulching one.

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