Division of Building


Building Permits

The Building Department is the division that administers and enforces the building codes under the State of New Jersey’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  It is the goal of the Building Department to ensure that all construction is code complaint for the safety and welfare of Rahway’s residents, business owners and visitors.   The scope of the Department’s jurisdiction includes but is not limited to the technical fields of Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Mechanical.  

Permits may be applied for in the Building Division Office from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Fees vary with the cost of the alteration of the size of the addition or new structure. The waiting period for most permits is several days, but if extensive plan review is required it may take as long as 20 working days.

Many items, such as replacement of kitchen or bathroom cabinets, changing of plumbing or electrical fixtures without alteration of the plumbing or wiring, and replacement of doors and windows in the same opening, are considered ordinary maintenance repairs and do not require a permit. If you have any doubt as to whether a permit is required, please call the Building Office and explain your project, and we will be glad to advise you whether or not you need permits.

Alterations and additions may require Zoning and/or Engineering approval prior to application for building permits. You will be required to submit sealed drawings showing work to be performed. If you are a homeowner residing in your home, you may prepare your own drawings for work being done on that property.

Inspections are required at the completion of certain phases of the work. These inspections will be explained to you when you obtain your permit applications. Failure to have these inspections completed may result in a "stop work order," fines, and penalties. New buildings and additions cannot be occupied until all final inspections have been made and a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.

For a list of state-building regulations and forms, you can download and print out on your computer, visit the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Codes & Standards.

Information on Underground Storage Tanks for Property Owners

The State of New Jersey offers numerous programs to help property owners determine what is on (or under) their property and provides tools to help them identify and clean up any potentially hazardous contamination. The Homeowner's Guide to cleaning up heating oil discharges. Financial assistance is also offered by the State to qualifying property owners. More information on the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Remediation, Upgrade, and Closure Fund (UST Fund) are available from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and NJ Economic Development Authority.